Who we are

  • The Board of Directors

    The Board of Directors is chosen by the Assembly of Delegates and consists of a President and six members.


  • Office

    The office of the General Secretary SIG takes care of the day-to-day business. The SIG team is led by Jonathan Kreutner.


  • Central Committee

    The Central Committee (CC) is elected by the delegates to the SIG and represents the latter in the periods between the annual Delegate Assemblies.


  • Assembly of Delegates

    The highest organisational body in the Federation of Communities is the Assembly of Delegates. Each community, dependent on the number of its members, appoints delegates.


  • Working Groups

    The SIG working group „Future“ has tasked the Assembly of Delegates to set up working groups focusing on various issues in the future of the SIG. The board of directors was tasked with selecting representatives from the communities, the board of directors, the younger generation as well as experts, to participate in the working groups.