The Swiss Federation of Jewish Communities [SIG] was founded in 1904 to protect and foster the common interests of Jews in Switzerland. Today, 16 member communities have affiliated themselves with the umbrella organisation.

Main Tasks

The SIG's main tasks are the representation of Jewish interests with the federal authorities, institutions throughout Switzerland and the media, dialogue with other religious communities, the promotion of knowledge on Judaism in Switzerland and the representation of Swiss interests in international Jewish organisations.
In addition, the SIG coordinates and complements the cultural, youth and social work of the member communities.


An important objective of the SIG is the prevention of any form of anti-Semitism and racism. Representatives of the SIG engage in a variety of education and information activities and take up a committed position on this subject in discussion groups with the churches and other religious communities. The SIG is also represented on the Federal Commission against Racism [EKR].

The SIG takes action in support of Jewish religious concerns, particularly the supply of kosher meat in Switzerland.

The SIG is linked with the Association of Swiss Jewish Welfare Organisations [VSJF]. The VSJF is an aid organisation recognised as such by the Confederation and is a member of Swiss Refugee Aid [SFH].


The whole of the SIG’s archive is deposited in the Contemporary History Archive of the Federal Institute of Technology [ETH, Zurich] and is accessible to interested parties for research purposes.

  • Who we are

    Here you can find information on the organisation of the SIG.


  • Our Members

    Here you can find all the addresses of our member communities.


  • Our Partners

    As the umbrella organisation for the Jewish communities in Switzerland, the SIG maintains strong relations with international Jewish and non-Jewish organisations. It is a member of the World Jewish Congress (WJC), the European Jewish Congress (EJC) and also the European Council of Jewish Communities (ECJC). The President of the SIG is also a member of the board of the EJC.


  • Our social welfare department

  • Documents

    Here you can find the articles of association, the annual reports and objectives of the SIG in French and German.


  • Institutions

    The SIG takes care of 6‘000 volumes from the former Breslau Rabbinical Seminary. The SIG is also in possession of a Jewish cemetery in Davos since 1931. Here you can find further information on these institutions.


  • History

    Now over a hundred years old, the SIG can look back over momentous times. Many of the questions and problems that have occupied the SIG since its inception are still burning issues today. At the same time, the SIG has matured into a social and political institution with clout and a voice with which to be reckoned.


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