The land of Israel has a central importance for the Jewish community, the Jewish religion and Judaism in general. Even Jews in Switzerland – though the majority are Swiss citizens – feel a close association with Israel and its inhabitants for historical, religious and cultural reasons.

Amongst Swiss Jews there is a wide range of opinions concerning the Middle East conflict. Neither Swiss Jews nor the SIG have influence on the policies of the State of Israel. The SIG does not represent the political interests of Israel and generally does not comment on Israeli politics. The SIG views criticism of Israeli policies as legitimate, as long as the criticism is not one-sided or applying different standards to Israel then to comparable states and their policies. The SIG views the right of existence and the Jewish character of the State of Israel as inviolable and which should never be called into question.

Link to statement "Die Geschäftsleitung des SIG zur Situation im Nahen Osten (in German)"