Dialogue with religions

The dialog with religions enables different religious communities to get to know each other and paves the way to peaceful co-existence. It helps to recognise points of similarity and difference and breaks down prejudices in a forum of mutual respect.

Mutual respect and esteem for other religions and views are fundamental values that the SIG holds dear. Dialog with other religions is a sustainable and effective answer to insecurities, tensions as well as antisemitism. This is why interreligious dialog is of great importance to the SIG.

The SIG fosters informal contact with representatives of various religious communities. Furthermore, the SIG is actively engaged in a number of interreligious bodies. These are used for theological discussions and the development of joint political statements on issues of religious freedom as well as religious peace.

The SIG is active on interreligious committees

Swiss Council of Religions (SCR)

Amongst the members of the Council of Religions are representatives of the Swiss Conference of Bishops (SBK), the Federation of Swiss Protestant Churches (SEK), the Co-ordination Centre of Islamic Organisations in Switzerland (KIOS), the Federation of Islamic Umbrella Organisations in Switzerland (FIDS), the Ecumenical Patriarchate of Constantinople, the Metropolitan of Switzerland, the Christian Catholic Church of Switzerland and the SIG. The Jewish religious community is represented by the SIG’s President, Ralph Lewin. The aims of the SCR include the desire to make a contribution to religious peace in Switzerland and to foster trust between the religious communities and dialogue on current issues of religious policy.

Protestant-Jewish Dialogue Commissions (EJGK) and Jewish-Roman Catholic Dialogue Commission (JRGK)

The following dialogue commissions, i.e. the EJGK (Protestant-Jewish Dialogue Commission) and the JRGK (Jewish-Roman Catholic Dialogue Commission) first emerged in 1987 as a result of joint talks between the SIG, the SEK (Federation of Swiss Protestant Churches) and the SBK (Swiss Conference of Bishops).

The mission of the commissions is to foster mutual respect of Christians and Jews and to strive for a culture of reliability between the communities. The commissions deal with intellectual, cultural, ethical and existential subjects and seek to establish the bases for reaching consensus to which the SIG, the SEK and the SBK can commit jointly in their quest for a society based on peace and justice. The SIG nominates Jewish members for these commissions who nevertheless sit as private individuals, expounding their own opinions.

Milestones of Jewish-Christian Dialog in Switzerland (German)

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