Political issues have high priority for the SIG. It addresses not only matters of direct relevance to Jews, but , under the aspect of the background of Jewish values, also engages in other areas of society.

Amongst the specifically Jewish concerns, in favour of which the SIG actively represents the interests of the Jewish community in Switzerland towards political and official bodies, are: the supply of kosher meat, the needs of Jews in the army and foreign policy issues with regard to Israel.

The SIG also comments on general aspects of human and foreigners' rights, of religious freedom, racism and integration as well as issues of public, ethical and social nature.

In dialogue with politicians on all levels

The SIG maintains a regular dialogue with Parliamentary Groups represented in the Federal Council (i.e., Swiss government), with party heads and politicians at Federal and Canton levels and in the individual communities. It is regularly invited to state its position in consultations. It is also represented on the Federal Commission against Racism [EKR] and in other organisations. It takes an active part opinion making in the media as well as in the frame of presentations and panel discussions and also organises its own events.
In order to be able to speak with one voice on the political scene, the SIG collaborates on various political issues with the Platform of Liberal Jews in Switzerland [PLJS].

  • Topics

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  • Positions

    The SIG has commented on national votes and political debates, especially when they addressed issues of human and foreigners' rights, freedom of religion, racism, integration as well as ethical and social issues in general.