Next Generation

With its youth work and support for the Jewish education of children and adolescents, the SIG aims to play its part in strengthening Jewish identity.

The Swiss Federation of Jewish Communities (SIG) is responsible for organizing the coordination of youth activities between Jewish communities in Switzerland. At the behest of its constituent communities and through close cooperation with them, the SIG offers attractive and highly engaging national events for young adults.

Our youth initiative aims to give Jewish children, teenagers, and young adults the opportunity to meet others their own age at social and cultural events, and to further develop and strengthen their own Jewish cultural identity. In addition, the SIG refers children and teenagers who do not yet belong to any Jewish youth-organisations to the larger Jewish communities in Switzerland, so that they too can participate in the various annual Summer- and winter camps on offer. Through this we help provide children and teenagers with a unique opportunity to experience Jewish traditions in an informal and friendly setting, and to make many new lasting friendships.

An enabling and coordinating role in education

In the field of Jewish education, the SIG takes on an enabling and coordinating role. Thus, it furthers the professionalisation of religious education by sourcing and developing modern, attractive teaching materials and organises continuing training days for the religious education staff. Adolescents are given the opportunity to deal with and reflect on different approaches to Jewish content in the context of leadership seminars.

The SIG sees education work and the fight against anti-Semitism and intolerance as important tasks. The ‘LIKRAT’ dialogue project for young people, which is linked with the leadership seminars, is intended to foster intercultural learning about Judaism and serves to prevent against anti-Semitism.

  • Jewish Education

    To support teachers in addressing Jewish topics in class, the SIG provides a range of teaching aids.


  • Students

    SUJS is the umbrella organization of the various Jewish student associations in Switzerland and represents students and young adults on a national level.