Assembly of Delegates 2021 – two new members take up position on the SIG’s Board of Directors

On 20 June 2021 the Assembly of Delegates of the Swiss Federation of Jewish Communities SIG took place online. Liliane Isaak-Dreyfus and Daniel Jakobovits won the Board of Directors ’s by-election. Furthermore, the SIG said goodbye to longtime person in charge of finances Jacques Lande.

98 delegates from member communities were entitled to vote at the SIG’s Assembly of Delegates on Sunday. Aside from the usual statutory business there were two Board of Directors vacancies to fill. Liliane Isaak-Dreyfus and Daniel Jakobovits were both voted onto the Board of Directors with large majorities. Furthermore, Rahel Comfort from the Israelitische Gemeinde Winterthur («Jewish Community of Winterthur») was voted onto the audit committee and Jacques Lande from the Israelitische Cultusgemeinde Zürich ICZ («Jewish Community of Zurich») was voted onto the Central Committee. The 116th edition of the Assembly of Delegates was conducted virtually for the first time.

Liliane Isaak-Dreyfus and Daniel Jakobovits have been chosen

Edouard Selig’s unfortunate passing while serving on the board and Jacques Lande’s announcement of his resignation for the end of the official year created two vacancies on the executive board. In Liliane Isaak-Dreyfus from the ICZ the board has gained a licensed lawyer and former cantonal judge. Now that she has retired, she has the necessary resources to engage with the SIG’s social affairs. Isaak-Dreyfus exhibits a strong anchoring in her own community, the ICZ, in which she was already actively involved in her youth and of whose ombudsman’s office she is currently a member. Outside of the community she was involved in the Women’s International Zionist Organisation WIZO in Lucerne and has been a member of the Board of Directors of the Association of Swiss Jewish Refugee Aid and Welfare Organisations VCJF since 2016.

Licensed financial expert Daniel Jakobovits from the Communauté Israélite de Genève CIG («Jewish Community of Geneva») is newly responsible for the SIG's finances In the last 35 years he has developed a high degree of competencies, skills and experience in this area. He currently holds the position of Deputy Head of Research and Investments at a Genevan private bank. Jakobovits has also been very engaged in his community in the past, namely as a board member of the Alliance Girsa School in Geneva and a member of the CIG’s Rabbi search committee. For the past eight years he has also been a member of the SIG’s investment committee. He now replaces Jacques Lande.

Jacques Lande leaves the Board of Directors

Long-term person in charge of finances Jacques Lande is leaving the SIG’s Board of Directors. He already announced his early resignation when he was voted ICZ president at the end of 2019. To ensure continuity and a smooth handover he made himself available for a further official year. When Jacques Lande took office in 2012, he was still employed as a banker by a bank in Zurich. With his know-how he was more than qualified to oversee the SIG's finances. It was Lande’s task to keep the SIG’s finances in order and, consequently, to gain enduring trust. He succeeded; the SIG has a stable foundation. The big developmental steps and the ongoing professionalisation of the association that have taken place in the past decade would not have been imaginable without the judicious and forward-looking support of its person in charge of finances.

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