For Teachers

  • Encounters with Judaism

    The project Likrat aims at fostering the dialog between youths and their Jewish peers. This is achieved through encounters in which Jewish teenagers visit school classes and speak about Judaism and their personal experience of being young Jews in Switzerland.


  • Educational Tour to Auschwitz

    SIG and PLJS organize one day instructional visits to the Auschwitz memorial site for teachers in the German speaking part of Switzerland.


  • Teaching Material on the Holocaust

    Now that the process of coming to terms with the history of Switzerland during the Second World War has taken place, teaching in schools is increasingly facing up to the Holocaust as well. As a contribution to Holocaust education in Switzerland, the SIG published the teaching resource ‘Survive and Tell’. In moving interviews, six Jewish Holocaust survivors give an account of their fates, which where intimately connected with the politics and society of Switzerland between 1933 and 1948.