Kosher lists and the «Swiss Kosher» app

Kosher lists can help you buy kosher foodstuffs. The kosher lists provide details of which kosher items can be found in which Swiss supermarkets. The kosher lists can be downloaded in PDF format or viewed in the «Swiss Kosher» app.

Kosher lists are updated and distributed by the Jewish communities in Switzerland. The Community of Interest for Kosher Foodstuffs IGFKL advises the Rabbinates of the communities. As an additional service, the «Swiss Kosher» app has been available since mid-2020. It includes the existing kosher lists and offers in addition the possibility of product scanning.

Kosher lists of the Jewish communities

«Swiss Kosher» app

The publisher and developer of the app is the Community of Interest for Kosher Foodstuffs (IGFKL).

The new «Swiss Kosher» app contains the same information as the well-established kosher lists, is designed for easy access on your smartphone and is always available. Users can also scan the barcodes of products to quickly check whether a product is kosher. Furthermore, users can use their smartphones to record barcodes and take product photos themselves and in doing so help to ensure the app contains a full list of kosher products.

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