Community of Interest for Kosher Foodstuffs (IGFKL)

The Community of Interest for Kosher Foodstuffs (IGFKL) supports the Jewish communities in Switzerland in elaborating their kosher lists. It controls foodstuffs, makes the necessary enquiries with the producers and provides this information to the rabbis for their kosher lists. The IGfKL is supported by the SIG and the Jewish communities.

The Interessengemeinschaft für Koschere Lebensmittel IGfKL was founded in 1990 because in the past only a few Jewish communities published rudimentary individual kosher lists. Those who were interested in additional products often asked the producers directly, sometimes without knowing exactly in what respect there might be possible concerns regarding the dietary laws of the "Kashrut". Such laymen's enquiries caused the producers a lot of effort and could still not guarantee the necessary safety for complying with the Kaschrut regulations.

High inspection standards

From the very beginning, the IGfKL aimed for a high standard, both in the technical and scientific evaluation of the products and in halachic terms (legal traditions in Judaism). Since then, it has been possible to ensure that products available in general stores are tested for their suitability for kosher households. On the one hand, this reduces the financial burden on consumers. On the other hand, the individual rabbis and producers have to process and answer fewer individual enquiries.

Kosher lists of the communities

After setting the priorities for the selection of the products to be tested, the IGfKL carries out the necessary evaluations. The responsible rabbi then approves the protocols for the individual products. The responsibility then passes to the rabbis of the individual communities. The rabbis are free to decide which products they want to put on the community's own kosher lists and how they want to inform their members. The kosher lists are also an important assistance for tourists or business travellers who want to maintain their diet kosher.

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