Kosher in Switzerland

The approximately 18'000 Jews are a small minority in Switzerland. There are nonetheless many kosher shops, restaurants, hotels and other shops that offer kosher produce. It is of central importance to a Jewish community to be able to live a kosher lifestyle.

It is therefore no surprise that a catchment area with sizable Jewish communities would offer a larger and broader volume of kosher shops and products, as is the case in Geneva or Zurich. However, Jewish travelers or tourists also need kosher shopping facilities and especially accommodation. The Swiss Federation of Jewish Communities (SIG) keeps a selection of kosher lists to assist Jewish people who may be visiting or who live in the country. The SIG also provides information about suitable shopping, gastronomy and hotel options. For readers who do not know exactly what kosher means, the first section is recommended as an introduction to the topic.

Please note

The SIG assumes no responsibility for the kashrut of the products offered in the individual shops, hotels or restaurants. If you have anything to add or would like to correct any points, please let us know. Thank you!

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  • What does kosher mean?

    «Kashrut» refers to the millennia-old tradition of religious dietary laws that still exist in Judaism today. Below is a simple introduction to this complex subject.


  • Kosher lists and the «Swiss Kosher» app

    Kosher lists are a valuable aid when shopping for kosher goods. They are available from the Jewish communities and contain details of kosher products in regular supermarkets.


  • Kosher Shopping

    There is a broad range of kosher shopping options in Switzerland. You will find here a selection of supermarkets, butchers and other shops offering kosher products and sorted by region.


  • Kosher restaurants and hotels

    There are kosher restaurants in almost every region with a Jewish community. There are also kosher hotels specifically for Jewish guests from outside Switzerland. You can find them here sorted by region.


  • Community of Interest for Kosher Foodstuffs (IGFKL)

    The Community of Interest for Kosher Foodstuffs (IGFKL) supports the Jewish communities in Switzerland in elaborating their kosher lists. The IGfKL is supported by the SIG and the Jewish communities.