Jewish Life

Jewish life in Switzerland has many facets. Besides religious and social activities it embraces cultural events, educational courses and schooling. There are restaurants and shops which are run by Jews. Certain institutions provide services which are specifically Jewish, whereas others offer a mixed range, most of which is open to non-Jews as well.

Jews living or staying short-term in Switzerland have quite different ways of making use of these offers. Although they follow up their other interests as well, many feel the need to attend events with Jewish content.

Kosher stores and Jewish institutions

It is mainly observant Jews who eat in kosher restaurants and buy kosher food in specialised shops as these are the only places where they can find products made in conformity with the religious dietary laws.

The SIG has drawn up lists of institutions, hotels and shops of significance for Jewish life under the following headings – please note that these lists are by no means exhaustive. Not covered are the many theatres, cinemas, museums and other institutions which sometimes mount exhibitions, courses and presentations with a Jewish character.

  • Jewish Institutions

    We have arranged lists of addresses of Jewish institutions for your convenience.


  • Kosher in Switzerland

    You can find useful information here about Jewish dietary laws as well as about kosher lists, kosher products and establishments in Switzerland.