Grant Application

A core interest of the SIG is to make Jewish culture available to a wide audience. In order to achieve this goal the SIG supports innovative projects and organisations dealing with Jewish topics.

The following criteria need to be fulfilled in order to apply for an SIG grant:

1. Recipients

Grants can be given to:
a) a Jewish organisation of national or international relevance
b) in exceptional cases, an individual with a project of great interest to Swiss Jewry
c) a non-Jewish organisation, as long as the organisation or its project is of great interest to Swiss Jewry

2. Process

Grants are approved by the board of directors.

3. Timeframe

In order for grants to be approved in the SIG budget, the application should be handed in by the end of the preceding year. If this is not possible, the application should be done as soon as possible, but not less than 2 months before the project takes place. Grants for projects of the preceding fiscal year will not be granted.

4. Accompanying documents

The following documents need to be included in the grant application:
a) Reason for the application
b) Detailed project description (programme, event locations, dates etc.)
c) Budget, financing plan, financial resources by the grantee
d) Possibly annual reports and financial statements

5. Miscellaneous

The SIG can request interim and final reports of subsidised events and organisations. The SIG must be mentioned in programmes, posters etc. of events and as sponsor in publications unless the SIG board of directors explicitly wishes not to be mentioned.