An important objective of the SIG is the promotion of knowledge of Jewish culture both inside and outside the community. For this purpose, the SIG keeps records of Jewish life in Switzerland and makes them available to research. There is close collaboration between the SIG and the Jewish Communities. Futhermore the SIG endeavours by a variety of activities to foster public awareness of Jewish culture in Switzerland.

The SIG offers many opportunities to meet Jewish Swiss men and women and to further ones understanding of Judaism.

The Jewish community in Switzerland can be traced back to Roman times. Synagogues dating from the 18th or 19th centuries are a feature of the urban landscapes of several Swiss towns and villages. Jewish communities and associations organise courses and cultural events on music, literature, film and theatre as well as panel discussions on contemporary issues.

Further information on community activities

As part of its commitment to culture, the SIG adds input to community-based activities, develops synergies between the various initiatives and fosters the build up of links between cultural organisations. At the political level, the SIG acts on behalf of the cultural concerns of its communities.

  • Agenda

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  • SIG Publication Series

    In 1992, to further the aim of promoting awareness and understanding of Jewish history and culture, the SIG began publishing a series of texts entitled “Articles on the History and Culture of Jews in Switzerland”.


  • Grant Application

    A core interest of the SIG is to make Jewish culture available to a wide audience. In order to achieve this goal the SIG supports innovative projects and organisations dealing with Jewish topics.