Racism and Antisemitism on the internet

The internet and especially social media platforms have become the go-to place for hate speech against minority groups.

The perceived anonymity of the internet fosters an environment where the inhibition level to write racist and discriminating comments is much lower. Additionally, group dynamics can lead to users trying to outdo each other. This was seen in summer 2014, as during the war in Gaza a large number of comments on Facebook, ranging from discriminating statements to active calls of violence against Jews, were recorded.

However, the internet is not a legal free zone. Most postings online are deemed public and therefore the Anti-Racism Legislation also applies. There have already been a number of convictions in Switzerland, due to discrimination and racism on the internet.

Regardless of the legal ramifications of an online-post, caution is advised. Especially the quasi-public character of the internet can put one into contact with a vast and unknown audience. Derogatory or threatening comments can easily develop their own dynamic and can cause the subject substantial harm. Early sensitisation towards proper conduct online is therefore very important.

No Hate Speech
What can you do against antisemitism and hate speech on the internet and on social media?