SIG collaborates with the GRA Foundation against racism and antisemitism on an annual report on antisemitic incidents in the German speaking part of Switzerland, based on the SIG Registration Centre and publicly known incidents. The report is published on the website

Antisemitism report

The report is published on the website The website also provides further information, studies and a bibliography on the topic of antisemitism.

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In the French speaking part of Switzerland CICAD publishes an annual antisemitism report.

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Every two years the Federal Service for Combating Racism FRB publishes a report on racial discrimination in Switzerland.

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Anti-Semitism reports – Archive
Antisemitism report 2013 PDF (350 kB)
Antisemitism report 2012 PDF (1,295 kB)
Antisemitism report 2011 PDF (2,468 kB)
Antisemitism report 2010 PDF (129 kB)
Antisemitism report 2009 PDF (2,838 kB)
Antisemitism report 2008 PDF (252 kB)


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