Switzerland has three relevant regular reports on anti-Semitism and anti-Semitic attitudes and incidents. Together with the Foundation against racism and antisemitism GRA, the SIG publishes an annual Report on Anti-Semitism for German-speaking Switzerland. The CICAD publishes a similar report on French-speaking Switzerland. Every two years, the Service for Combating Racism SCRA publishes an overview of incidents, attitudes and measures in the field of racism.

Report on Anti-Semitism for German-Speaking Switzerland

Together with the Foundation against racism and antisemitism GRA, the SIG collects reports on anti-Semitic incidents in German-speaking Switzerland. To this end, the SIG runs a Registration Centre for antisemitic incidents and also monitors the media and the internet. The report and the website also contain a great deal of further information, such as definitions, studies and references on the subject of anti-Semitism.

Download Report on Anti-Semitism 2018:

Antisemitismusbericht 2018
Zusammenfassung der Analyse des Antisemitismusberichts 2018

Rapport sur l'antisémitisme 2018
Résumé de l’analyse du Rapport sur l’antisémitisme 2018

Riassunto dell’analisi del Rapporto sull’antisemitismo 2018

Summary of the Report on Anti-Semitism 2018

Previous reports:

«Antisémitisme Suisse romande» of the CICAD

For French-speaking Switzerland, the report «Antisémitisme Suisse romande» of the «Coordination intercommunautaire contre l’antisémitisme et la diffamation» CICAD is also published annually.

Further informations

«Racial discrimination in Switzerland» of the SCRA

The Service for Combating Racism SCRA publishes the report «Racial discrimination in Switzerland». Every two years, the report provides an overview of the data available on racist incidents and attitudes and documents measures against racist discrimination.

Further informations