Prevention is the key to combating antisemitism and racism. SIG supports prevention projects, engages with politicians, media and institutions, participates in dialogue groups and answers questions from interested parties. In the French speaking part of Switzerland, the SIG primarily supports prevention initiatives by CICAD. In the German speaking part of Switzerland, SIG conducts its own projects:

Educational tour to Auschwitz

SIG and PLJS organize instructional visits for teachers to the Auschwitz memorial site. The advanced training is conducted in collaboration with the University of Teacher Education Luzern. The educational tour includes a one day visit of Auschwitz and a one day didactic and pedagogical processing of the tour in Luzern. The next tour will be held in November 2016

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The SIG offers a training program for Jewish youth, aged 15 to 16 years, in order for them to visit school classes dealing with Judaism or Israel in their curriculum. The Jewish youth discuss and explain their personal experience of being a young Jewish teenager in Switzerland and answer their peers’ questions. Such intercultural learning can therefore also function as a prevention of antisemitic or racist sentiments.

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